Family Photography Tips You Should Know

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No matter your family, there’s always a photo that stands out. Whether it was taken of you and your siblings when you were young or the picture from last year at the beach, there is one thing that all families have in common: some of those photos are better than others. If you want to get those top notch photos for your own family, here are some Family Photography Tips that will help make them happen!

Understand The Lighting Situation

Now that you have an understanding of what makes a good family portrait, let’s talk about the importance of light. Light is important but it’s not everything. You can use light to create a mood and set the tone for your images. The right lighting will make all the difference in your photos!

  • Light creates shadows: Shadows are useful because they add depth to your image, which helps give perspective and dimensionality.
  • Light creates reflections: Reflections can add interest to an otherwise flat scene by providing another layer of information about what’s happening in front of you (or behind).
  • Light creates texture: Texture refers specifically here not just any sort of visual element such as graininess or softness but more specifically one that changes over time such as clouds moving across sky during sunset shoot like this one shown below taken by photographer Timothy Vollmer at his family reunion event last year…

Family Photography Tips Get everyone to smile

  • Smile! Try to look at the camera and not at your family members.
  • Laugh! Don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun with it, even if you don’t feel like it. Your photos will thank you later when they’re hanging on your wall or sitting in an album because they will show how much fun everyone had taking them together as a family.

Make Sure Everyone Is In Front Of The Camera

The most important thing to remember is to make sure everyone is in front of the camera. Don’t be afraid to move around, especially if you have kids who are moving all over the place! Make sure everyone has smiles on their faces and is looking directly at you and/or your camera. If there is someone specific that you want in front of your shot (like maybe grandma), make sure they’re standing directly in front of it so that everyone else can be seen clearly behind them.

Ask To Change Their Poses Or Facial Expressions

As a photographer, you should be able to tell when someone is uncomfortable with a pose. If they are not comfortable with the pose, ask them to try something else. You want everyone in the family to feel good about what they are doing so that everyone is smiling and having fun! If there is one thing that I have learned over my years as both a photographer and client, it’s this: if people don’t like their poses or facial expressions, there’s nothing wrong with asking them if they want something different or even changing it yourself (as long as it doesn’t make anyone look ridiculous).

It’s Time For A New Photo When You Feel Weird

If you’re not feeling comfortable, it’s time for a new photo. If you’re not happy with the photo, it’s time for a new one. If your family is getting weird and tense and no one is smiling, it’s time for a new picture for Family Photography Tips!


Those article are the Family Photography Tips that you should know. We hope those article can help you to take good family photography. If you want to get a better picture of your family, then these are some great ideas for you!